Akuna Springs® is Single Source,
Alkaline Spring Water

The Northern Territory is famous for its untouched environment, native flora and distinctive red earth. These three elements work in harmony with pure rain water, Mother Nature and time to infuse the very spirit of the Territory into the water you’ll find in an Akuna Springs® bottle.

To help maintain good health and vitality, drink Akuna Springs® water with its crisp, fresh taste and unique balance of natural minerals. Akuna Springs® water is single-source, alkaline spring water in high quality PET bottles, with a 2 year shelf life and available in various pack sizes with the ability to cater to different markets.

Akuna Springs® is 100% Australian Made.

Our beautiful tasting water is drawn from a natural aquifer. The mineral-rich water contained in the Palmerston Dolostone aquifer, located at Acacia Hills near Darwin, NT, is purified by Mother Nature, giving the water a crisp and refreshingly smooth taste.


The AKUNA BLUE™range of waters comes from a source located at Acacia Hills, 50km from Darwin in the Northern Territory and is drawn from the Palmerston Dolostone aquifer.

As the rains blow in and drench the rich, red earth of the Territory, vitality is extracted in the form of essential minerals and elements from organic matter created by the floor of local & native flora and then, over time, Mother Nature acts as a filter, slowly precipitating an organically cleansed & alkaline spring water with a purity of taste that is uniquely ours and can only come from the spiritual elements of the Territory.

Available in Still or Sparkling in 750ml and 350ml glass bottles.

Don’t compromise on taste or quality.