Purification & Production Process

Quality Standards

  • At Refresh Darwin we give utmost importance to quality and believe in maintaining the highest possible standards in hygiene.
  • All our staff are required to adhere to and maintain strict personal hygiene procedures in and around the production area.
  • We use NATA certified third party labs to ensure that every product coming off the conveyor belt has met the HACCP quality guidelines.
  • Samples of our water are collected and treated every month and regular quality tests are performed on random samples of all pack sizes collected from products on the shelves, nationwide.
  • All of our facilities are HACCP certified and the processing plant operates under a policy of green initiatives.
  • Our PET bottles are blown on site to reduce wastage and leaving a large carbon footprint on the local environment
  • Refresh Darwin also runs a full grey water system that recycles any water so it’s not lost or wasted. There is a treatment plant on site that treats any unused water so that it can be used through reticulation.
  • 30kW of solar panels installed to reduce our carbon footprint.